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Top 7 Health Tips For Women To Stay Fit!

“Health is more valuable than the pieces of gold and silver.”

You must have heard this old adage, “Health is the real wealth.” But in reality, most of us do not put our health at the top of the list. From painful periods to distressing menopause, females have to pass through many milestones in her life. Therefore, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and intake foods full of nutrients.

Apart from this, do not hesitate to consume supplements if required. For example, women are often deficient in iron and calcium, and doctors recommend calcium and iron supplements to maintain better health. The supplements help to fill nutritional gaps and boost your immunity.  However, you need to pick the nutrient alternative wisely. Pay attention to the ingredients and always choose the pills or tablets that do not contain artificial substances.

If you prioritize your health before anything else, only then can you serve those who depend on you, such as your children, spouse, and other family members.

7  incredible tips that improve your overall well being.

1. Eat Well Be Well

As you get older,  your chances of developing food-borne illnesses and digestive issues increase. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet is vital for the physical and mental health of women. Avoid consuming trash food and switch to healthy green vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, and nutritious nuts. Also, do not skip breakfast as it increases your metabolism and gives you the energy to carry out the tasks of the whole day.

2. Exercise Regularly

If you are serious about your fitness, you have to do exercise or some sort of physical workout regularly. However, it is not necessary to go to the gym for a workout. Instead, you can practice aerobics, Zumba, jogging, dancing, etc., at home. Take out at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule for physical activity to keep your body functioning properly.

3. Cut Extra Fats

Obesity is one of the biggest enemies of health; it causes many ailments. Hence, it is pivotal to cut down the extra fats with good eating habits and exercise. To prevent various disorders, your BMI (body mass index) must be 18.5 to 24.9. You need to limit the calories in your diet and devour natural foods only to get rid of obesity. Although many weight management supplements are available in the market, it would be better to consult an experienced dietitian to reduce weight naturally.

4. Drink A Lot Of Water

It is crucial to keep yourself hydrated for optimum physical and mental wellbeing. Drink plenty of water and juices every day to improve your inner and outer health. The adequate amount of water in the body helps to carry vital nutrients, aid digestion, manage blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. Moreover, it assists in maintaining a healthy weight as you will feel less hunger. Whether it’s about a work[place or home, don’t forget to keep a bottle full of water with you and consume at least 3-4 liters of water a day.

5. Practice Good Sex

You might not know that sex also works as a stress reliever, but only if you enjoy it. Any kind of pain or discomfort can prevent you from squeezing out the benefits of healthy intercourse. Increase your sex frequency to lower down the risk of chronic disorders.

6. Avoid Contraceptives

Indeed regular sex has a plethora of health benefits. But it is important to take precautions while making love to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Otherwise, you may need to consume contraceptives, which are not good for your health. Birth control pills can result in uncontrolled weight gain, nausea, missed periods, breast tenderness, etc.

7. Do Not Get Too Much Sun Exposure

Although the sun is the best and natural source of vitamin D and boosts calcium absorption, extended sun exposure can cause various skin problems, including cancer. Don’t lose heart; applying sunscreen can act as a shield against harmful UV rays and allows you to bask in the sunshine.

In Final Words-:

Apart from the above tips, adequate sleep, meditation, and regular health checkups are also essential to lead a happy and healthy life.

Bonus Tip-: Intake fibrous foods and iron supplements during menstruation to cope with unbearable pain and digestive issues.