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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Gemstone Engagement Rings

Being a guy, buying a Unique Engagement ring is a daunting Task.

No matter, what kind of Engagement Rings you’re looking for?We’ll surely help you in choosing the best Gemstone Engagement Ring for your Love Partner.

First of all, the Perfect Engagement Gemstone Ring is based on various factor like: Gemstone Color, Cut, Shape, Clarity, Carat Weight, Precious Metal Details, Stone Setting, Ring Design etc. But, sometimes a guy hasn’t proper education related to Diamond Jewelry and don’t have a knowledge about precious metal, natural gemstone and which type of Rings are in trending.

To solve all these things, we ‘re are here to help you findUnique Gemstone Engagement Ring for your partner. In fact, with the right knowledge and approach, you can buy an Amazing Diamond Ring and adorn your partner finger with this surprise.

Here we have shared our Fine Jewelry Experience with some points which will help you to buy the Engagement Ring at the best price without affecting its quality.

1. Set the Financial Limit

Generally, before going to shopping, we ready the Item and Budget List. Same as create a List for the Ring Purchasing and, also mention in this list that, which type Ring is prefect for your love symbol after that set your budget.  These is not compulsory that you must spend maximum money on an Engagement Ring.

At that point we can recommend you in Finding a Gemstone Ring which will be available in different color with meaningful symbol and will give a royal touch. The Natural Gemstone Ring balance size, quality at an affordable price that works within your budgets.

2. Pick a Ring Design or Style

1000+ ring designs are available currently, and it’s a very hardest task for a guy that how to choose a perfect Ring.For the Ring Design Suggestion, research on Engagement Day planning and think about youand your partner dresses & accessories. These all things would give you anidea for the perfect rings.

You can share Engagement Ring Planning with your Family Member, Fiance, sister, friends and many more person.

3. Select a Perfect Gemstone

Each Gemstone has an own unique Symbol and Story. Gemstone also knows as a Birthstone. The Colorful Gemstone is perfect piece for enhancing the beauty of your partner. Gemstone is in trending since Art Deco Era and it gives the Royal look. Blue Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Rings are luxurious ring and you can add more depth of meaning to the Engagement Ring. You can include your and your partner birthstone, alone or with diamonds in the Rings. You can also personalize the Gemstone Wedding Band that will perfectly match with your Stunning Engagement Ring.

4. Choose the Precious Metal

The Precious Metal is best part of Ring Manufacturing. Mainly, four types of Precious Metal are used in Engagement ring, Wedding Ring and Diamond Ring i.e. Rose Gold, White Gold, White Gold and Platinum. The Perfect Precious Metal Engagement Ring is all depend on your Engagement Theme.

If your love partner will wear the Silver Jewelry, then the White Gold and Platinum is the perfect choice. Both metals are look like same, but platinum is more Durable and Costly comparison to White Gold. The White Gold also durable and is significantly less expensive, required less maintenance and cleaning.

If you are choosing Gemstone, then Rose Gold Metal is perfect for Engagement ring. These all rings are generally made in 14k and 18 Karat. The 14k Gold is the combination of 58.3% gold and remaining percentage include another Metal. The 18k gold is 75% gold. 

5. Elect a Gemstone Cut & Shape

The shape of Gemstone is one of another important tasks. Choose a stunning shape which will suit on your partner’s personality. We can assist you to approach the Heart Shaped and Oval Shaped Stone for a classic look.

If your partner wants to Simple and Elegant look then Brilliant Cut Solitaire Round Stone with Pave Diamond is perfect piece. You can replace the gemstone to other stone like pear shaped, cushion shaped etc.

Princess Shaped, Marquise Shaped, Asscher shaped Stone will give a Princess and Royal look. With the Stone, you can add the diamond touch and adorn your Partner personality.

6. Choose the Perfect Ring Setting

The Stone Setting is another Part of Engagement Ring. Today’s Eternity, Bezel, Prong, Pave, Channel and more setting are in trending. You can adorned Gemstone Ring with Classic Diamonds Setting.  With the Help of Different Setting, the diamonds or stone can be placed on the Ring. You can create combination of different setting if you want.

7. Show Your Feelings with Perfect Gemstone Ring

Gemstone Engagement Ring is the epitome of the feelings and love you have for your lady. So, you pick of Perfect Gemstone ring should also symbolize it. Your feelings for her should be convey through this message of love. Gemstone Engagement Ring is stunning choice, but you need to select the Specific gemstone which are going to be the center of attraction of your ring. So, buy something which defines you perfectly. You can add her favorite stone or yours it totally depends on you or you can engrave her birthstone for more personalize.

8. Get Your Certification

The Jewelry is crafted with precious metal with IGI Certified Diamonds. And we always encouraged own customers and readers to get the fully details about purchased products and ask for any diamond certification. The certified diamond is a unique identity for itself that this diamond is natural with their characteristic such as Color, Clarity, Quality and Carat.

After reading these tips, now your all doubts are cleared, and the Gemstone Engagement Ring buying is the not a tough. Follow all these steps and buy a perfect Engagement Ring for your Love and surprised her with this gorgeous choice.

If you have any query about Buying the Perfect Gemstone Engagement Ring, share with us in the comment section!