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The three factors which make hosted Quick Books an ideal choice

If you are planning to make a forward move regarding your accounting department then nothing is better than the cloud accounting solution. But when you will start shopping for the same, you will be tricked because of the wide range of options available in the cloud accounting solutions. But instead of ending up with a wrong cloud accounting solution you should go for the hosted Quick Books solution which is considered to be the leader in the accounting industry and with more than 4.5 million users, it is still ruling the industry like a boss.

Intuit is the main company behind the development of the QuickBooks accounting software and with the advancement in the accounting industry and evolution in the needs of the experts, intuit also evolved and made its accounting software to be compatible for the cloud platform. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the three factors which make the hosted QuickBooks an ideal choice.

Easy to use

Many people hesitate in shifting to the cloud accounting solution because they think that the cloud accounting solution is like a rocket-science and it will take a couple of months to master this advanced IT solution. But that’s not the case with hosted QuickBooks solution as even after shifting to the cloud from the desktop installed QB, you get the same interface and since the features of the QB accounting software are very easy to use, the user doesn’t face any type of difficulty in carrying on with his accounting operations.  But even while being user-friendly, the features of the hosted QuickBooks are very advanced and appropriate for the professional users as well.


The QB accounting software was firstly introduced in as Quicken which was meant to fulfill the personal accounting needs of people and since then, the accounting software might have evolved but the price has always remained economical because it is targeted to SMEs, accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers and other professionals related to the accounting field. The price of the  QuickBooks cloud hosting is also very economical as you can find some of the best cloud hosting providers in less than $30/month/user. Such an exclusive price for such an advance accounting solution is the best deal which your company can opt for.


The QuickBooks hosting solution is very scalable and scalable solutions are very necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. The small businesses are in the initial phase of their life and that’s why they have maximum chances of growth. But such a growth result in changing needs of the business and thus, the need of a scalable solution like hosted QuickBooks become paramount. One can easily scale up or scale down his cloud accounting needs in the case of QB on cloud and if one is not satisfied with the cloud services of the current cloud provider, then he can easily leave his services.

These three factors of the hosted Quick Books solution make it a better choice than any other cloud accounting options.