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Men’s fashion is pretty formulaic. Sneak a glance into the wardrobe of literally any guy you know, and you’ll witness a number of combination of light-wash denim jeans, plain light colored tees, snug hoodies and a handful of button-downs with handsome mens wooden watch. Really, try it off we dare you. Gratefully, 2019 men’s fashion trends are here and ready to introduce a little fresh liveliness into any fella’s wardrobe.

Yet great numbers of people are apt to turn to Pinterest for clothing inspiration, creative ideas and interior design, the truth is, Pinterest is skilled at all gears trending including men’s fashion trends on the top. The platform has heaps of data about who is looking for what and when meaning they can forecast the New Year’s fashions incredibly efficiently. No doubt Pinterest has made it easier than ever for you to shop for your father, brother, spouse or any of your friends.

Pinterest’s 2019 trend report has unveiled the top men’s fashion trends. The latest reports suggest that a handful of style movement will infuse the dude’s fashion space in 2019.

Here is the list of 8 definitive men’s fashion trend:

  • Light-Wash Denim
  • Sling Bags
  • Vintage Wrist Watches
  • Mismatched Prints
  • Corduroy
  • Neck Scarves
  • Plaid Pants
  • Quarter Socks

Ahead, in this review a breakdown of each of those eight 2019 men’s fashion trends identified by Pinterest. Whether you’re getting some last-minute break shopping or you’re on top of things you’re previously planning out the gifts you’ll buy in 2019, let this review be your ideal guide.

The following 2019 men’s fashion trends are sure to please the most style-conscious and style-evasive men around the globe.  So, what are waiting for? Stock up your closet with these accessories.


According to recent statistics, people searches for “light washed denim are up 70% on Pinterest. It is no doubt Denim is the most classic fashion trend of all ages. So, it is no surprise Denim is sticking around for 2019 as well.

Though many men opt to turn for a darker wash in past times, switching to lighter washes is now officially moved in the many states.

So, keep light wash denim on your foremost choice while shopping in 2019.


Few men prefer backpacks for their belongings, but hands-free bags are always a great option. And luckily, 2019 fully appreciates that. According to the Pinterest trend report, queries for “sling bags” are up an enormous 1,184 percent. That’s massive. And it strengthens what we already accept: Sling bags are equal parts stylish and practical. The guy can sling his bag to the front to keep an eye on his possessions or he can sling it to the back to keep it out of his way. He’s certain to look wonderful on-trend anyway.

There are several types of these sling bags, you can select according to your need and add value to your outfits. Here are the top three trending sling bags:

  • Hobo Bag
  • Satchel
  • Messenger Bag Classic

Vintage wrist watches are splendidly stylish, beyond the gender. And they’re making a serious comeback in 2019 men’s fashion trends.  According to a recent report on Pinterest Trends, queries or searches for “vintage watches” are increased by 98 percent. From Rolex to Tag-Heuer, these watches serve as talk starters, statement-making accessories and, you know, ultimately to tell time.


According to the 2019 Pinterest trend report, it is revealed that queries about mismatched prints are approximately up 89%. Since men tend to believe tried-and-true basics while selecting clothing for your dad, brother, and friend. But you know that maximalist is everywhere and men’s fashion circle is no limitations.

Most of us find ease into the trend by selecting with one bold print, and then combine that print with another. This practice lays the foundation to the mismatches prints into men’s fashion trend.


Denim might be a timeless minimum viable product, but corduroy is the pinch hitter any winter closet needs. And it is no doubt, corduroy is trending. According to Pinterest trend statistics, queries for “corduroy” are increased by 507 percent. That’s a ton, so it should come as no surprise that tons of your preferable store’s retailers have pile-up on corduroy outfits this winter season.


Neck scarves are a genuinely misjudged approach to remain warm—and look amazing. What’s more, the trend is absolutely beyond gender barriers. As per Pinterest, people search for “neck scarves” rise up by 29 percent. So support your buddy to stock up his wardrobe with trendy neck scarves, and remain comfortable.

One more item that can be utilized as neck scarves is a custom lanyard. Arrange your keys and other individual assets, with these customized lanyards. They are utilized to keep little devices and electronic gadgets, secured in one place. It is no surprise that custom built lanyards bring safety and fashion together.


Plaid pants are 2019’s beloved way to add a little statement-making advantage to any closet. According to 2019 Pinterest trends report, searches for “plaid pants” are up 267 percent. No doubt, Plaid Pants are popular among classy and stylish men.

So if you assumed this fashion would have little clout, guess again. What is the best thing Plaid Pants has to offer? These plaid pants can twist as edgy—or delicate as you need them to, so you guys will have a wide range of choices to select from.


From the beginning, men’s socks have been referred to one of two classifications: dressy high socks or everyday no-show socks. But this year in 2019, the trend has been moderated. Quarter socks have taken the position of traditional long socks. According to Pinterest, people search for quarter socks increased by 266 percent.  It’s time for you guys to shop snazzy quarter socks and keep your pace with a stylish and modern world.