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Parents Can Monitor Kid’s Online Activities with Parental Control App

Online activities over the years have become a headache for parents especially when kids and teens spend all day long on their mobile phones. Today, almost every kid has their own individual mobile phone device that he/she use having internet access. Parents on the other hand really got sometime curious about their online activities.

 Most of the young kids and teens these days own mobile phone devices connected to the internet. Therefore, kids these days are using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Yahoo, and plenty of other alike all day long. However, a teen also uses dating apps like Tinder. In addition, they send and receive text messages, conversations, audio-video call, and share media files in terms of photos and videos.

Vulnerabilities that can harm kid’s online

There are plenty of activities online that really put teens into trouble especially when they are using instant messaging and online dating apps. Teens these days are bully online through cyber bullies who send sexual abusive language for no reason, but to make fun of the victim to have fun. In addition, stalkers these are highly active on social media platforms and in chat rooms.

 They approach young kids and teens online and ask them to be their friends initially and with the passage of time they start showing their interest in them to meet them in real –life to have sexual motives. In addition, young kids and teens have started socializing sexting with friends, obscene content and last but not the least do web surfing in order to view inappropriate content. All these sorts of online activities should be kept under surveillance by the parents otherwise teens and kids online security is at stake. Therefore, parents should use kids monitoring app on child’s digital devices. Let’s get to know how parents can use it.

Install cell phone parental monitoring software

There are following steps that parents need to follow in order to perform digital parenting on kid’s online activities with the use of cell phone parenting software.

Step1: Use phone or PC browser

Use your cell phone or computer device browser when your digital device has internet access. Moreover, you need to visit the official web page of the cell phone monitoring app.

Step2: subscribe for Phone parental control

Secondly, you need to subscribe for mobile phone tracking app and you will get login ID through an email sent to you at your given email address.

Step3: You must have target device possession

Now you need to have physical possession of the target device and further, you need to start the installation process. Moreover, when you just complete the process of installation then the very next moment you need to activate it on the target device. However, when you are up to on the activation process you will receive pop –up on the screen. It will provide assistance in terms of performing parental activities in a sneaky way and once you have ended up with you can end up with the process of activation.

Step4: Use Login ID & Password to get access web portal

It is the time to use login ID and password that empowers you to get access to the online control panel of the parental control tools.

Step5: Use parental control app features to monitor the online activities of kids

Let’s use all the android monitoring software to monitor kid’s online activities. Here are the following parental controls

Social media messenger spy software

The end user can monitor social media apps logs in terms of messages, conversations, audio video conversations, shared photos, videos, and voice calls

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording on kid’s online activities by recording their screen activities in terms of sort videos. You will get to know about social media activities, YouTube, applied passwords, emails sent received messages and chrome activities.


Parental Control App is the best solution for the parents to monitor kid’s online activities to the fullest.