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How to Begin an Online E-Commerce Business like Etsy Clone within Budget

Are you ready to take the plunge and start your own eCommerce business? However, a tight budget prevents you from making your idea a reality. Then you’ve come to the right place. Because of technological advancements, it is now possible for anyone to set up an eCommerce store and sell things. We will go through all you really need should know about in this essay. You are launching an eCommerce business on a shoestring budget.

Model and Business Plan

This is a critical stage for an entrepreneur trying to launch an eCommerce firm on a shoestring budget. If this first step fails, all subsequent efforts may be futile. It is critical to conduct market research, calculate profit margins, and (most importantly) create a budget while drafting a business plan.

An eCommerce business, like a physical store, requires a working business model. The eCommerce marketplace has two business models: single vendor and multi-vendor. Choose which business model and plan is most suited to your eCommerce needs.

Important considerations when developing a business plan and model:

Conduct extensive market research

Spend time researching your competitors’ company models and marketing techniques.

Make a list of the products you intend to sell on your eCommerce store.

Define your target audience, business goal, and business model.

Make a product list, a price list, promotion and advertising strategy, and a target location list.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Define and concentrate on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which include products, sales, conversions, and profitability. 

Choose a Specialty

It is more profitable for a company to focus on a certain niche than a larger market region. At least during the first setup phase. Focusing on a certain specialization would undoubtedly reduce the cost of starting an eCommerce business.

To begin, make a list and find answers to the following questions:

  • Your field of knowledge.
  • Your knowledge or expertise is marketable.
  • What role do those abilities play in the market?
  • What kinds of goods do you wish to sell?

As an entrepreneur, you should have a good idea of what type of business you want to start and how you want to operate it. Identifying your specialty products and market reduces the entire cost of setup, marketing, and advertising.

Make a Product List for a Specific Market

It is critical to develop a product list before starting your own eCommerce marketplace. A specialized product list allows you to target a targeted population looking for a specific product or service. Targeting a niche decreases market competition and marketing costs.

As a basis, it is vital to make the right choice. The proper products for your target audience rather than rushing to offer hot products on eCommerce websites. It is recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs to offer something they are enthusiastic about and to identify a niche market for the goods.

Create Your Online Store

Your eCommerce website serves as the framework for creating, developing, and selling things online. Popular eCommerce building platforms provide consumers with this option;

  • To personalize your design
  • Include your domain name (or buy one)
  • Accept and ship orders while managing inventory
  • Accept payments, among other things.

There are hundreds of eCommerce-building platforms on the market, all claiming to be the finest. We handpicked a few based on their affordability in order to save development costs. Here are a few prominent eCommerce store building systems for you to consider:


This eCommerce building platform was established in 2004 and is now the most popular eCommerce construction platform. Creating an eCommerce website using Shopify is simple, and users can even modify the appearance of the website. Some of its advantages include a plethora of advanced options for changing how you present things, create your brand and sell yourself.

To enable a greater range of consumers that want to build their own eCommerce platform offers multiple subscription levels. Shopify price plans include the following:

Shopify Lite is available for $9 per month.

Shopify Basic Plan – $29 per month

Plan for Shopify – $79 per month

Shopify Advanced Plan – $299 per month

While the Shopify Lite plan is more suited for someone who is new to the eCommerce business and seeking a low-cost solution, the Advanced Shopify Plan is better suited for someone who wants to expand up their eCommerce platform and service many locations across the world.


If you want to add a twist to your eCommerce website and offer customers something unique or old, this is the place to be. Then the Etsy eCommerce building platform is ideal for you. This eCommerce building platform provides various features on its storefront as a shop.

The platform is active in the purchasing process, keeping customers in the spotlight. This is one of the primary causes for the market’s high demand for Etsy clone development. Any type of vendor is welcome to develop their platform and begin their eCommerce company on the platform.

Building your eCommerce platform on Etsy is a great solution for someone who has a small inventory of unique things.


WooCommerce seems to be a sophisticated WordPress plugin that allows you to sell products online. Also, users to convert their website into an eCommerce platform. The primary reason for the popularity of this WordPress plugin is that it is open-source, free to download, and provides several unique and essential eCommerce capabilities. You must first download the plugin before you can begin selling.

The eCommerce website builder platform currently has over 3.8 million users globally, and the number is expanding by the day. However, if you lack fundamental coding ability, you will have difficulty putting up your ideal eCommerce site. If you wish to customize your eCommerce platform, get assistance from eCommerce development. On the other hand, you can conduct minor customizations on your own and be ready to begin selling on your eCommerce store in no time.

There is no need to hire professionals.

This may appear weird. However, by utilizing technology, you can save a significant portion of your initial expenditure with an eCommerce company. eCommerce website builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy enable sellers to manage company components like inventory, transactions, order management, and others all in one location. This implies you won’t need to engage additional staff such as account managers or shop managers to operate your online store.

Free High-Definition Images/Banners

When it comes to starting an eCommerce or any business, one of the most expensive expenses is branding and designing a logo. You can, however, cut the initial setup cost by using free internet applications such as Canva. Canva allows you to create banners, logos, and other graphics.

That’s not everything. You can use Photoshop’s free edition to create pictures or banners for blog articles or website advertisements. Use photos from Unsplash and Freepik, which provide free high-quality images with no copyright in a variety of categories.

Last words

Starting an eCommerce business entails preparing every part of the business and utilizing technology to save startup costs. Creating a web presence for your company is now essential if you want to be relevant in the future. Creating an eCommerce store is a tremendous investment in your company’s future.

Gain an advantage over your competitors by beginning to create your internet presence with eCommerce stores while others are still preparing.