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How much does it cost to build a taxi app like Uber?

To develop a taxi app like Uber for a small and medium-sized taxi business, it requires a large investment. So, to reduce the cost of development and to start the business early many startups choose Uber clone app. These clone apps can be obtained from mobile app development companies where they have white-labeled scripts which enable the developers to rebrand by tweaking features and user interface.

But you must know that rebranding alone doesn’t bring revenues. In that case, you must look for offering new services which make your business grow higher. Opting for a clone app is a better option, but the cost that requires to build differs. That is, each company will fix their own rates based on the features that you demand to integrate and also on the bases that are given below,

  • The platform on which you wish to build the App – like Android, iOS, etc.
  • The tech solutions that you wish to integrate into the App.
  • The version that you choose for the App (i.e., Beta version or a full feature packed market)
  • The development center that you select like USA, Australia, India. Choose wisely.

But to estimate the exact or near cost, it is vital to break down the features that you demand to integrate and as well as the time it requires. For example, to develop an Uber clone app for the Android platform, it will take around 1,300 hours of work. However, this time varies based on the platform that you wish to build.

Price range according to countries(US, UK India, Australia)

Though the process for developing an app is similar, the cost that each company fix differs. So, the price solely depends on the region that you prefer to develop your Uber clone app.

Nearly, every company will charge fee based on the working hours they put in the developing stage. North America charges around $60-250 per hour, the UK charges $60-150 per hour, and Europe charges $40-120.

Also when the cost is estimated globally, the eastern side of the globe, i.e., in Eastern Europe the rates are comparatively less. They charge from $20 per hour to $100.

Whereas, the cost to develop a taxi clone app in India differs. They charge around $22,000 to $40,000 for a clone app, and if the entrepreneur demands to combine a few extensive features, then the cost may increase up to $100,000 to $150,000.

Thus, the cost depends on how you plan to develop and who you choose to develop a taxi app like Uber. Finding the right development partner along with cost-effective structures is difficult, but be wise when you choose them.

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