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In today’s world, every brand needs something innovative that can give the maximum exposure of their products to customers. For glamorizing and grabbing the attention of customers, we should explore new, classic and non-traditional packaging ideas.

Nowadays, customize packaging boxes with a medium transparent window is in trend. Window packaging boxes not only increase the visibility of your product inside the packaging box but also add extra values in the attractiveness and charm of your brand. This is an important property of utilizing this packaging style that will set your brand apart from your competitors in retailers shop.

At Dawn Printing, expert designers understand the importance of customized packaging boxes that plays an important role in the identification of the brand. High-tech, advance equipment, and innovative die-cutting methods give customize packaging boxes an impulsive appealing look. The eye-catching and unique designs of die-cut windows take the visual appeal of your brand to the maximum level. Be limitless, you are not bound to do the same as others are doing. Be unique and classy and try to use different styles and sizes of windows that go the same with your preferences.


Window packaging boxes are mostly used to pack bakery items such as muffins, cakes, biscuits, and many other delicious things. The design and stylization of these boxes help your products to immediately connect with the minds of the consumers. The customers can take a full glimpse of your tasty scrumptious without spoiling their beautiful packaging.


Do you want to get an exciting, unique and stylish die-cut window packaging box? Are you confused between selecting any suitable and best material that can go according to the preferences of your brand? If yes, then here we are sharing a bunch of best and high-standard materials that can change the perspective of your customers towards your brand and products.

Let’s have a look at materials that you can choose.


Kraft paper or just Kraft, this material is made with chemical wooden pulp. Lignin and cellulose are the structural material of wood and lignin can spoil the performance of the paper stock. So, this component is separated from cellulose under a chemical procedure.

Kraft paper is much better than any other material and it is best to use for making packaging boxes. The reason behind this is that the components of this material are stronger than others. In the eco-friendly packaging field, Kraft paper stock is trending because the natural and high-standard quality of Kraft paper gives a very simple, appealing and elegant look to a packaging box.


Also known as Virgin Board or Virgin Packaging paper, the ivory paper is made up of 100% authentic and pure tree pulp without adding recycling material. This paper material is available in pure white color; the brightness of the ivory board is much higher than other packaging papers such as art paper and cardboard paper.

Highly resistant towards pressure, smooth double sides, translucent and soft to touch, this window packaging box material consists of several layers of tree pulp that are firmly glued together.


Corrugated Fiberboard or just corrugated packaging material is primarily made up of paper-based material. The composition of this corrugated consists of 2 flat sheets of liner board and one sheet of cardboard that are firmly glued together.

Stylish die-cut design on the front of the packaging box and logo of the brand print on it gives your product an eye-catching look. Except for simple packaging benefits, the Corrugated Fiberboard also brings many eco-friendly advantages. Moreover, you can also use this material for the packaging of cereal boxes and many other consumer goods.


Art Paper is some kind of coated box that is used to improve the whiteness, glossiness, and smoothness of the packaging paper. With the ability to resist water, art papers are highly flexible and come up with the shiny gloss on both sides.

The smoothness of paperboard is very important for printing logos and product information on the packaging boxes. So, it will be beneficial to use art paper and increase the grace of your product.


Window packaging material is an innovative style and best for customization according to the preferences of the brand. A simple die-cut window on a cardboard packaging box looks attractive yet gives a very simple look.

With high resistance and strength value, cardboard packaging material allows you to show your creativity on it. No matter, if you want to go with foil stamping printing method or end up printing templates on it. Every style looks good on this material.

Last but not least, you can also make a die-cut window of the cardboard packaging box in any shape and any design.