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Find the right Battery for your vehicle (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020

There is no worst dream for anyone to find out the car is not starting in the morning. We know the rush of the wee hours as everyone is running to reach their coveted destination and trouble with the car is just not the right thing that can happen to them. To avoid this situation, you have to take proper care of your Auto Battery and you must know the exact time to change it.

Replacing the car battery is an inevitable step that every owner has to take within 2 to 5 years. When you are in 2020, you must have to buy after reading all the reviews of Auto Battery to get the full utilization of your investment. If you are looking for one, then here is the list apt for you that will give you the utmost flexibility to decide which one will fit perfectly in your requirement and budget.

  • Exide Car Battery Invared 500: Exide is known as one of the best car battery brands of India. The reserve capacity of the battery is around 150 Ah with the cold-cranking capacity of 1.90 amps. Moreover, it can be used as the inverter battery. This battery comes with better thermal capacity as well as a 20% extra electrolyte. Apart from the Invared, you can find Inva Queen and Powersafe from Exide manufacturer that can top the list easily.
  • Amron Car Battery Go: The main advantage of the Amron Go car battery is that a lot of automobiles. Building by world-class technology, it is enabled with high cold cranking power which is the symbol of the Amron brand. It comes with BIC vents for added safety. Another advantage of this battery is that it is completely maintenance-free. The stringent quality controller ensures that the battery can last quite long.
  • Okaya OK GO 150R Car Battery: It is another maintenance-free battery that comes with two years warranty. The capacity of the battery is 150 Ah. The high cranking capacity is another reason to make this battery in this list. The trust value of the Okaya OK Go is quite high as the customers prefer it.
  • Amtek Automotive Car Battery: The automotive battery of Amtek comes with the trust of the car owner. The body of the battery is bound within a polypropylene container precisely. The inner part of the battery is protected with heavy-duty battery plates that control the vibration. Another good quality is that it has a very low self-discharge mode.

    For that reason, the power consumption of the battery to run the functions is very low. Most of the buyers recommend it as it operates without any trouble along with high performance for long. The durability of the battery is above any question as it runs for years without producing any problem. Moreover, the maintenance is very low of the battery and sustains rough weather as well.
  • Prestolite Car Battery: This car battery is exclusive for all TATA diesel cars. You can have both the cold crank capacity and reserve capacity for a range of cars.