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Fashion tips: How To Wear Pashmina Shawls Differently

To become the fashionista, you don’t need to buy expensive couture regularly but you need to know how to wear the same thing in different ways. For example, if you have the Cashmere Pashmina Shawls,there are several ways by which you can wear them and surprisingly each time you will look completely different from others. This is the magic of Pashmina which is adorned by the royals, generation after generation.

In reality, real Pashmina is so expensive that one cannot afford it more than one piece. So, you must know the secret to carry this shawl elegantly and stylishly every time. Surprisingly, it is not much difficult as there are so many inspirations to wear the Pashmina Shawls available all over the internet. And the beauty of this exclusive material lies in the fact that you can wear the same shawl with your professional attire and your traditional gown and both the times, the looks will be completely different from each other.

Here we come with some exclusive and elegant way to wear Cashmere Pashmina Shawls that will help you to win the fashion game.

  • Shawl or Shrug: Are you going to a casual party with your friend? Then it is the most elegant way to dress up for the occasion. If you have a colorful shawl, then go for a white top with denim pants. Fold the shawl in a triangle position and rest it on the shoulder. Now you can secure it with a belt or tie both the end at the back under your arms. It will give you a shrug like look. Now complete it with high leather boot.
  • Tie to Fly: Are you in a hurry while leaving for office? If you don’t have much time to upgrade your look, then simply tie up the Pashmina and you will look elegant in every way. It is one of the easiest yet evergreen look you can do with Pashmina. If the day will go on the warmer side, you can take it off easily and carry it in your bag without any hassle. To get the look, you just take two ends of the shawl and tie a loop. You can try a different variety of loops.
  • Braided Beauty: This is one of the loop styles but with a slight difference. You will have a simple loop first and then continue the process until the end. You can either left it dangling or wrap it around the neck to get a fuller and fluffier look. This looks good with a simple light pastel shed A-line dress.
  • Kerchief Mischief: Your multipurpose Cashmere shawl can be used as oversized Kerchief. You can easily don the style by holding two ends of the shawl and cross them on your back of the neck and then bring them front. Now tuck both of the tails under the triangle. You can wear a half jacket and a woolen cap to complete the look.

From all of these style statements made by Pashmina Shawl, you will get to know about the ways you can carry them.