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Different Vaping Styles: Good Insights for Beginners

As a beginner, you may have heard a couple of things about vaping but, of course, not everything. One of the trending things is that there are different vaping styles that people have developed over time. It is the same concept that people use in fashion. You need to know the popular vaping styles so that you can choose the latest to follow right away. However, their adoption may be triggered by other factors, but preference play the biggest role. Read on to understand each.

People Who Chase Flavor

Some people vape because they enjoy different flavors. Every puff they inhale and every cloud they exhale are all about flavors. These people do not care as much about the e-cigarette device they use as they care about the e-juice flavors they use. It is possible to find them vaping more than one flavor in a day. If you are an adventurer in everything that you do, this is the camp to join.

People Who Vape Privately

Another group of vaping enthusiasts prefers to enjoy the clouds in a corner somewhere like a balcony as they relax. Such people are usually introverts, and they typically do not seek to vape socially. Vaping in solitude has pros in that a person can enjoy and appreciate either different flavors or the device that is being used in peace and quiet.

Classic Vapers

These are the bold vapers who like holding an e-cigarette using two fingers. Mostly, they prefer to use the long and slender vape devices to enjoy holding it. This is why the Epuffer website still includes these initial classic vape devices. In most cases, these vapers have used traditional cigarettes before changing camps.

Vape Mod Enthusiasts

Some people just like using big and sophisticated vape mods that are unique and colorful. These are devices that exhibit a trendy style in today’s world, and they are mostly used by young adults and celebrities. Buying a good vape mod might be expensive, especially those that are finished with luxurious materials like gemstones, hardwood or leather. Luckily, there are many starter packs that you can choose if you wish to join this camp.

Cloud Chasers

Have you heard about the different clouds enjoyed by vapers? To get the best clouds, there are many factors that are involved. First of all, one must invest in a sophisticated vape mod with the capability to produce these clouds. The second important factor is the e-juice itself. The base, which is either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, must be balanced ideally in the right proportion. The last factor is the experience of the user. It may take a while to understand the concept of using heavy clouds, but once a person has mastered it, then the experience will be great.


For beginners, these are the popular vaping styles you can consider joining. If you are not too sure about what you want, you can just start vaping and see where it leads you. Soon, you will realize that everyone is attracted to a certain vaping style.