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Coloured Contact Lenses & What You Should Do And Not Do With Them

Coloured contact lenses are the fashion accessory that no one could avoid nowadays. You can use them also for vision correction purposes, that means that they are safe to wear, all you have to do is follow the safety guidelines. Truly wonderful fashion devices that would easily enhance your appearance or just change your eye colour to a more appealing colour. And would you like to know the best part? You will be enhancing your appearance naturally, yes that is right, the look would appear so natural that people would never be able to understand why you are so beautiful today.

Well, that is not the only benefit of using coloured contact lenses, another benefit is that you can get different types of coloured lenses like the daily disposable lenses, weekly disposable and 3 monthly contact lenses. You can choose the best depending on the type you want. Of course, people with vision correction issues would like to choose the 3 monthly lenses, no reason to keep buying lenses every other day or week for vision correction

But before you can use the coloured contact lenses, you should know how to purchase and use the coloured lenses. Obviously, coloured contact lenses are medical devices and they need to be used very carefully to avoid any unwanted problems.

To help you in this case, we have listed the things you should Do and things you should not Do to avoid eye health problems

Things To Do:

  • Before anything, once you decide to buy coloured contact lenses, you should carry out the right research. You should know the right place to buy coloured lenses.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the coloured lenses, buy only from the best online stores to ensure quality.
  • You are sure to use makeup with coloured lenses, so go ahead and buy the specially made makeup kit that is usually available to be used with coloured lenses.
  • Always maintain hygiene around your contact lenses. From placing them in a clean place to always washing your hands with soap and warm water before touching them.
  • Learn from an experienced person how to insert coloured lenses in your eyes.
  • Always insert the coloured lenses before applying makeup.
  • Keep your contact lenses in a safe place, away from the cosmetic products so that no foreign particles would get on your coloured contact lenses.
  • Do consult your doctor before buying your favourite lenses and also if you feel any pain in your eyes after wearing coloured lenses.

Things Not To Do

Below mentioned are the DONTs of the coloured contact lenses that you must follow.

  • First and foremost, never use any other solution other than the disinfectant solution that comes alongside your coloured lenses to clean them. Water and homemade solution are not adequate cleaning fluids for your lenses.
  • Secondly, do not share your coloured lenses with anyone under any circumstances. This is dangerous for both, you and the person you share it with. This is because sharing lenses may transmit eye diseases and issues from one person to another. Your contact lenses are your property.
  • Never use coloured contact lenses beyond their expiry date. There are different coloured lenses available in the market with different lifespans. For example the daily disposable lenses can be used only once, the weekly disposable lenses can be used for a week and then the monthly disposable lenses can be used for a month or so. So when they expire, just dispose of them and get yourself a new pair if you want to use them.
  • Never wear coloured contact lenses while sleeping. Take them off before going to bed as this is not healthy for your eyes at all. Wearing them while asleep could leave your eyes dry and can cause abrasion
  • Do not panic, if you forget to take them off and certainly do not take them off instantly after waking up. Re-wet your eyes and then take them off so that it comes off smoothly.
  • Never buy your coloured contact lenses from shady dealers and . Also stay away from shady dealers and retail stores. Most of them do not have the license to sell these products and they are giving away low quality products. These low quality products are either recycled or damaged that can really hurt your eyes.

These are some of the important DOs and DONTs of coloured contact lenses. It is crucially important that you follow these rules if you want to have a safe Halloween. It is always better to be safer than being sorry.