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Chandbali Earrings: Heritage and History

Chandbali, the name was derived from the word “chand” meaning “moon” and “bali” meaning “earrings”. Known to incorporate the beauty of the moon, chandbali earrings have been famous throughout the centuries. The earrings have their roots deeply embedded in the Rajput and Mughal dynasties. Chandbali earrings have always been an object of fascination, as they are believed to be the bejewelled interpretation of the moon. These glorious pairs of earrings were so popular that they have left a massive imprint across every region and culture, be it the Nizams of Hyderabad or the Maharajas of the Rajput royalty or the Mughals of the Sultanate, they have been everywhere.

What are Chandbali Earrings?

Traditionally crafted in gold, the chandbali earrings comprise two crescent moons molded together, studded with precious gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds and fringed with gold beads or tiny pearls. The top of the earrings is studded with more gemstones like diamonds and pearls. The back of the earrings is equally decorated with fine meenakari (enameling) work.

The origin

Chandbali earrings are believed to be introduced by the Mughals or the Nizams of Hyderabad. There is not much proof as to who actually made it relevant. As the Mughals ruled the Indian subcontinent for over centuries, the Islamic influence and the prevalence of the crescent moon were very much evident. And then perhaps the intermingling of the various ruling dynasties across India made the half-moon shapes one of the most used motifs in jewellery designs. Certain historians also believe that Hyderabad is the palace of origination of these magnificent earrings. Although the Hyderabadi version of the earrings features a special uniqueness in their designs that can be easily distinguished.

The origin of these earrings can also be traced back to the Rajput dynasties. In ancient times, the Rajputs used to adorn the chandbali as a jhoomar or as a brooch. Whilst one can indeed spot the Mughal paintings for these crescent moon earrings, they can be easily credited for the modern interpretations of these delectable drops.

Hyderabadi Chandbali Earrings

Known to be the birthplace of Chandbali earrings, the attractive factor of Hyderabadi chandbalis is that they are crafted with the finest quality of pearls be it in a hanging or studded form. Pearls were brought to India by the Mughals in abundance and these gleaming gemstones were used extensively in every jewellery piece.  The main theme of the Hyderabadi chandbalis is the ethnic and royal touch bestowed by pearls.

The various designs of Chandbali Earrings

There are a plethora of designs available to choose from when you want to own these bejewelled pairs. The designs are mainly distinguished with the motifs and patterns like: hoop, peacock, leaf, dangle, filigree, drop, jhumar, multi-layered, etc. The jhumar and multi-layered chandbalis are quite in the trend these days and can be spotted gracing the red carpet looks complemented with ethnic or indo-western outfits.

Some popular designs are:-

  • Chandbali with Jhumka

A simple pair of chandbali with a lovely jhumka extension at the bottom make these Jhumka Chandbali earrings. Usually crafted in gold and silver, they sport an alluring two-in-one look with the jhumka danglers and the traditional chandbali.

  • Antique Chandbali

Antique and temple jewellery designs reflect India’s rich cultural heritage and are appreciated for their charm. And chandbali earrings are no exception! The antique and temple chandbali earrings have gained massive popularity over time and these days have also become a major part of the bridal trousseau. The earrings look great when matched with antique design necklaces and haars.

  • Uncut Chandbali

These types of chandbali earrings are very popular and are always in demand. The word uncut here refers to the unshaped diamonds also known as “polkis” that are used to create these earrings. These uncut diamonds are not polished or trimmed and are used as ‘raw’ stones to decorate the designs. The value of these earrings is exceedingly high.

  • Oxidized Silver Chandbali Earrings

Oxidized silver chandbali earrings are the new trend of the season. The surface of the pieces is intentionally darkened by a chemical process that gives jewellery a blackened look. The oxidized silver pieces are famous because they gleam with an antique look and are great if one is looking to invest in budget-friendly earrings. They come in a variety of designs that are well suited to every outfit.

How are oxidized chandbali earrings made?

Oxidized silver pieces can be seen everywhere. Be it the red carpet or the street fashion, the blackened silver has taken over fashion and is here to stay.

Often known as blackened silver or oxidized silver it is actually sterling silver. The surface of the silver is darkened through a chemical process wherein the silver is exposed to sulfides, which speeds up the tarnishing process. The layer of the silver sulfide formed on the exterior of the jewellery gives it a black look. Jewellery designers generally use a combination of sulfur and potassium sulfide to get the black color. Oxidization has nothing to do with the process and it is a layman’s term that has stuck around.

Our Chandbali Earrings

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Styling Tips

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