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A Comprehensive Guide to Owning a Parakeet

Whether you and the other members of your family or your household have already responsibly made the decision to bring a species of parakeet into your home, or else you are currently choosing which bird will suit your specific and personal lifestyle and circumstances, then you have come to the right place.

Here, for your reading pleasure and, of course, information, is a comprehensive guide to owning a beautiful parakeet.

Prepare for Noise!

It takes a special and quite specific type of person to own a parakeet, be that a budgie, parrot, or even a pair of beautiful and melodic love birds, and this is certainly not the type of person who enjoys peace, quiet, and tranquility (especially when they are watching television at night).

Essentially, a happy parakeet is a chirping, melodic, and often piercingly loud one, so if you are someone who enjoys a quiet home, then owning a parakeet is certainly not the best idea.

Register Your Parakeet with a Vet

Not only is it important to register your parakeet with a veterinary surgery as soon as feasibly possible, it is also crucial to ensure that the specific practice you choose is well-equipped to treat and care for birds.

Reputable and renowned veterinary practices, such as vets in Cumming GA, will be able to look after your bird and advise on the right cage size, medical treatments, and general upkeep using their professional expertise and experience.

Free Flying Time

One of the most essential things to know when dedicating your time and opening up your home to sharing with a beautiful, exotic, and absolutely fascinating parrot, budgie, or other member of the parakeet family is that freeflying time is absolutely mandatory.

Keeping your bird permanently cooped up in their cage, however large their confines and however many toys you invest in, is tantamount to abuse, as birds are naturally made to fly, stretch their wings and explore.

Ideally, whenever you are at home, you should keep the doors to the cage permanently open, only closing them when you are out for the entirety of the day or, obviously, if you have your exterior doors to your home open for one reason or another.

Nutrition & Diet

As with owning any other pet, be that a bird, mammal, or even a reptile, proper nutrition and a healthy and species-specific diet are absolutely essential, and it is down to you to ensure your parakeet is as healthy as possible and lives a long and happy life.

Wonderfully, it is relatively simple to ensure you are providing correctly for your parakeet, as essentially all they need is one or more bowls of fresh, clean, and cold water from the tap and one or more bowls filled with good quality seed. Additionally, most parakeets enjoy regular bits of fruit, and there is rarely a parakeet in the land that doesn’t absolutely adore a slice or two of apple, banana, or even kiwi fruit or orange.