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8 Great Mac Efficiency Tips To Optimize Your Workflow

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Last year, Apple shipped more than 18 million new Mac computers. Whether you’re a new customer or upgrading from an older model, getting a new Mac is exciting.

It can also be a little frustrating, depending on the system you’re transitioning from. Even if you’re an experienced Mac user, you may not be getting everything you could out of your new computer.

These Mac efficiency tips can help you optimize your workflow so you and your Mac can accomplish everything you need to.

1. Clear Out Clutter

Mac makes it super simple to pile documents on your desktop. You can drag and drop them almost anywhere, even piling them on top of each other.

Not only does a cluttered desktop eat up your memory, but it can also be distracting. How much time are you spending sifting through all the files scattered across your desktop?

That’s why the first of these Mac workflow tips is about clearing up clutter. Instead of letting files pile up on the desktop, take the time to organize them. If you don’t know where to file them after 24 hours, consider if you need to keep them.

2. Get Rid of Distractions

This next Mac workflow tip helps limit distractions even further. When you decide to work on a task, make sure your screen is set up to facilitate that.

Your programs can move into full-screen mode. Hide apps and toolbars, as well as the Dock. This removes temptations.

You should also minimize notifications. These are disruptive and can sidetrack you. You can turn them off for most apps, just by adjusting the settings.

3. Get Familiar with Mission Control

Some of the best Mac tips for productivity focus on using Mission Control to your advantage. This view gives you an overview of all the windows you currently have open. You can also use it to temporarily make something larger, to increase legibility for example.

This can help you switch between windows quickly. Better yet, you can combine it with customized gestures. You can learn more about customized gestures with the guide at

4. Mac Efficiency Tips for Organizing Finder

You spend a good deal of time looking for files on your Mac. Did you know you can make the process easier by customizing Finder?

One of the best things you can do is add “Favorites” to the Finder sidebar. Whenever you open up a Finder window, your most-used folders and files will appear there.

This is great because most people only use a handful of directories and folders on their hard drives. Putting these folders here also makes it easier to keep them off your desktop, while still providing easy access to them.

5. Set Up a Second Screen

Depending on what you want to do on your Mac, adding a second screen can be a useful way of doing it.

Suppose you’re editing a presentation or a video. One screen can be your editing window, while the other can have the playback. You don’t need to switch back and forth between views, saving yourself time.

Second screens can also be useful if you need to run comparisons, or if you have a lengthy search running in the background. You could even display your calendar or schedule so you can check it at a glance.

You can also mirror displays, which can be helpful for presentations.

MacOS allows you to arrange your screens with ease. Head under “Settings,” then “Display.” You should be able to choose which screen is the “main” screen.

6. Use Custom Shortcuts

When it comes to making Mac more efficient, shortcuts can go a long way. Your Mac comes with a few standard shortcuts already programmed. These include:

  • Copy, cut, and paste
  • Move to trash
  • Delete

You can also set up a variety of keyboard shortcuts. You can use these for typing special characters, which can increase your typing speed.

Shortcuts can also be assigned through specialized apps. If you want more control over your Mac or to make certain commands easier to perform, then you might want to look into this option.

7. Get Familiar with Productivity Apps

Speaking of other apps, there are plenty of apps designed to improve your productivity on the Mac. Some apps are all about focus. They help you zero in on task management.

Others, like Flux, focus on helping you stay alert. The blue light radiating from your screen could be wearing you out. This app works to reduce that fatigue.

You can find plenty of other options as well. Some will help you declutter. Others offer speech-to-text capabilities, which makes notetaking a breeze.

Some can even help you keep track of your passwords or free up space on your hard drive.

8. Archive and Backup Mac

This last tip should always be part of your Mac workflow. Make regular time to archive old files and backup your Mac.

This is important for a few reasons. One, it can help you in event that something should ever happen to your Mac. Maybe the power goes out and damages your hard drive, or you accidentally get a virus.

Having a backup file can help you restore your Mac in the event something goes wrong. This is much more efficient than starting over again.

Archiving old files is useful for another reason. It can help you free up space on your Mac. In turn, the computer will run more efficiently.

When your Mac is running at top speed, it will be easier for you to hit peak productivity.

Optimize All Your Tech

These eight Mac efficiency tips can help you optimize your workflow and boost your productivity. With them, you might be surprised by just what you and your Mac can accomplish.

Looking for more tech tips and how-tos for optimizing your life? You’re in the right place! We have plenty of in-depth articles that will help you get the most out of all the tech tools you use.