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6 Top Places To Live in The UK Revealed

It’s well known that the UK is a great place to live. Whilst small, it hosts an incredible amount of people for the amount of land available on this tiny island. For every square kilometre, the UK has at least 274 people, compared to the USA which hosts roughly 36 per square kilometre.

So on this little piece of land with this many people, it can be exceedingly difficult to choose where to live. You don’t want to be too overcrowded, you want a clean and safe city to live with good job prospects and schools – the list goes on and on.

The UK has a rich history and a deep culture that ricochets about the land. There are many potential places you could live, retire, raise a family and find a job. But you don’t want an average town, you want the best.

There are lots of things to think about when moving from the area you end up living in, to the removal company you use, to packing up your items in boxes.

So, here is a list of just 6 of the top places to live in the UK, to help you find your home just that little bit easier:

Isle of Dogs, London

You saw it coming.

London is not only one of THE best cities in the world, but it is often within the top 5 most expensive cities to live in the world as well. But with so many neighbourhoods in London, where is the best place to live?

‘The Sunday Times Best Places to Live’ guide, voted the Isle of Dogs as the best place to live in London. The judges considered ‘transport links, riverside location and affordable prices for Zone 2’.

Home to Canary Wharf, it may not be a leafy green suburb, but it is definitely the most affordable area within the capital, slicing roughly £100k of the average property price.

York, North Yorkshire

Crowned in 2018 as the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times, York has a wonderfully rich heritage, with medieval and Georgian streets criss-crossing throughout the city.

Venture beyond the city, and you’ll find a stunning and vast countryside littered with ruins of abbeys from a bygone era. The Rievaulx Abbey was one of the most powerful Cistercian monasteries in England, until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538. What’s left behind is an iconic landmark which has influenced writers and poets for generations. 

Hosting a world-leading University and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, it’s no wonder why Brits choose to relocate to this beautiful city, renowned for its stunning architecture.

St Davids, Pembrokeshire

A little different from the other cities mentioned, St Davids holds the title as Britain’s smallest city.

Holding a key area on the south-west coast of Wales, St Davids was a means of trade for centuries, meaning it is not uncommon to find stunning hidden gems like the Fishguard Harbour.

With World Class Heritage Coast for as far as the eye can see, home to an iconic cathedral, the National Museum Wales Gallery and more, it’s no wonder why the locals are so passionate about this small city in the depths of Wales and rich with history.

Farnham, Surrey

In the heart of Surrey, you can find Farnham. It’s a beautiful market town, that is becoming far more popular every year, making it an up and coming town of 2019.

According to Rightmove’s annual Happy at Home Index 2018, Farnham was ranked the second-happiest place to live in the entirety of Great Britain.

Adding to the above, Farnham is currently undergoing a large-scale development within the town centre. Whilst many existing businesses will be setting up shop, there are many new businesses opening that are flourishing as well, such as Fabelle Aesthetics; and you can bet that there are many more on their way too.

Dundee, Scotland

Voted the Best Place to Live in Scotland in 2019, Dundee is host to an extraordinary setting including an extinct volcanic plug, iron-age forts, dolphins and more.

The fantastic history of design and invention has led to an International centre of Design being built there, the first in the UK outside of London.

With famous names such as James Bowman Lindsay (inventor of the lightbulb) and Sir Patrick Geddes, it’s no wonder Dundee is a leader in design and innovation.

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Voted as the Best Place to Live in the UK in 2019 by The Sunday Times, Salisbury has a rich culture that can be experienced by simply walking down the streets of this cathedral city.

The collective spirit of the inhabitants of Salisbury allowed the city to persevere through the hard times related to the Novichok poisoning in 2018.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, spectacular coastal paths and markets that could rival London; insanity is the only reason someone would pass up on the opportunity of moving here.

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