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5 Trendy Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Go for in 2019

Want to look like your favorite celeb? Start from the hairdo. The trend of copying celebrity hairstyles is not new. Like many other things, we like the hairstyles of Celebrities especially the movie stars very much and often try to copy them hiring the best hairdresser elanora.

However, we are here to make the task easy for you with some of the best celebrity hairdo ideas. Go through the article and get your desired celebrity look. It is important to search through the profiles and the past works of the hairdresser and find out whether the styling is trendy and modern.

Messy Layers 

If are in the early 20s, this hairstyle can be a good choice. Messy layers hairdos are quite popular among celebrities. The hairstyle is ideal for occasions like date nights, festivals and recreational programs. Skirts and western short dresses are the perfect match for this type of hairstyles.Now even bob and sidelined messes are popular, and the disheveled look with a hair spray and gel and women now even opt for messy hair buns.

Messy layers hairdo is suitable for any hair type and it looks best on the diamond or oval typefaces. It is quite easy to wear the hairstyle, but if you are looking for the best solution, it is better to hire a professional hairdresser elanora.

Double Buns 

The two-bun hairstyle has always been a popular choice. This type of hairdo gained popularity in the 90s but you can still try it on your hair. You might have seen Kendall Jenner wear the hairstyle on several occasions. You can experiment with this hairstyle to get the best look that suits your personality.

Double bun hairdo is suitable for all seasons and it suits women in 20s and 30s best. To make the task easy, go for professionalhairdresser elanora.

Short Hair 

Short hair has always been trendy among celebs and you can try it any time. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose have made the style more popular among youngsters.

A person with short hair will look best in western attire. If you have a round face, it will suit your face type completely. Apart from these factors, short hair can make your summer quite comfortable. Thus, call the best hairdresser elanora and get your favorite hairstyle today. Crops, tapers, mullets are also the best styles that people are opting for now, as these styles are trendy.

Go for The Retro Look

Do you have a crush on the retro fashion, give you hair the retro look and fulfill your wish. Retro styled hairdos remain a popular choice for celebrities around the world and the best part is that the style is perfect for any season.

If you are in your 30s, you can opt for this style without any hesitation. The style is suitable for occasions like social gatherings, events, and family celebrations. Retro styles hairdo look good in both western and ethnic attire and if you have an oval face, it will suit you best. If you have not tried this hairstyle before, you should hire the best hairdresser elonara to get the desired look.

Bow Bun

If you are in a girly mood, bow bun hairstyle will suit you best. Inspired by Minnie-Mouse, Bow bun is the favorite hairstyle of many celebrities. It is a simple hairdo and it suits all hair types and dresses and seasons. If you are a Priyanka Chopra fan, you will definitely like it.

These are some of the most popular celebrity hairstyles. You can try them on your own, but if you do not want to experiment with your hair, go for the best hairdresser elanora.