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3 Creative Marketing Ideas Small Businesses Should Try This Year

Are you looking for some new marketing strategies that can help you take your small business to the next level? Shaking up your marketing plan by thinking outside of the box can help you generate new leads so that you can boost your profits. 

Keep reading for some awesome creative marketing ideas. Try out some of these tips and tricks to figure out which ones work for your company. 

1. Local Partnerships 

A great way to generate some buzz for your business while also generating buzz around other small businesses in your area is to team up with businesses you love to promote giveaways. Work with a local company that you can offer a promotion with. You can make a bundle or basket featuring both of your products or both offer gift cards to your shop. 

You can promote this giveaway on your social media channels to introduce yourselves to each other’s followers. To enter your giveaway, ask audiences to follow both of your pages, tag friends, or share your post in their story. This allows both businesses to get in front of new audiences, growing their followings and brand visibilities which can generate more leads. 

2. Blog for Your Business 

Blogging for your business can be a great way to boost your search engine rating. Adding a blog to your website that you can use to post consistently can help you generate more leads from online searches. This is also a great way for you to give your website visitors and followers some useful content that can boost your authority in your industry. 

This is a great way to promote industry news, give industry advice, or tell tales of your buisness which can be useful information for potential and current customers. Share your blog post to your social media channels and in your email newsletters so that your audience knows where to find your content. When done correctly, educational or useful content published by an expert is a highly shareable content type, which can help you grow your online following, brand recognition, and leads to your website. 

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3. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular content types because it is eye-catching, engaging, and easy to comprehend. Social media sites make this content type easy and affordable. This is a content type you can get creative with to connect to your viewers. 

Consider doing a behind the scenes video of your office, or highlighting certain employees. Do interviews with those in your industry or how-to tutorials that show followers all the things they can do with your product. 

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Creative Marketing Ideas 

To take your small business to the next level this year, try integrating some of these creative marketing ideas into your business strategies. There are so many creative and new techniques out there that are affordable and can work to boost your profits. 

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