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13 Pro Makeup Tricks & Tips every Woman should know

Struggling to achieve gorgeous and desired makeup look?  Then, this article is for you. Along with having some great makeup products, knowing some of the makeup tricks and tips would be the cherry on the cake.

Most of us including me, have failed while applying our makeup products thoroughly. But, worry not, here I have come up with some professional makeup tricks and tips which you should start implementing right away.  With these useful tips you would be able to achieve that ideal and perfect look which you have always desired for.

So, lets get started:

  1. Choose your foundation shade

There are dozens of fancy foundations available in the market, but which one would be “the ideal” for your skin complexion? Choosing the correct foundation is a bit complicated but decoding this puzzle isn’t that too difficult, you just have to know some of these parameters:

  • Skin’s undertone
  • Swatch test
  • Foundation finish
  • Skin tone
  • Foundation Coverage

2. First go for eye makeup 

Yeah! You heard it right! Doing the hard job first and saving easy tasks for later is the best thing you can do while getting your makeup done. As you don’t have to worry about the eyeshadow powder falling on your face, cheeks, and ruining your overall makeup.

3. Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

Want to use colored eyeliners or have no eyeliner? Here, is the solution. Wet your angle brush or the thinnest makeup brush in water and dip that brush in your eyeshadow pallette, in the color which you want. Roll it over and apply the brush on your lash line as you would do with your eyeliner brush.

4. Cleansing your face thoroughly before makeup

Achieving the flawless and gorgeous makeup look is possible immediate after thoroughly cleansing your face, which includes facial cleansing, getting steam, srubbing/exfoliating ,applying facepack, toner and moisturizer to your face. The process should be followed in the given order.

Starting fresh helps your face gets rid of most of the dirt accumulated over your face, blackheads, whiteheads, tan, etc and gives an even base for your makeup application and also thoroughly revitalizes your face.

5. Consume healthy and balanced diet

It may sound weird, as you all will think that what is the connection of eating healthy food and getting a fabulous makeup look, right?  But, yes, it is certainly true, what goes inside appears outside. The health of your skin depends on what you eat on daily basis. So, make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet.

You may achieve your ideal look through makeup, but to maintain the natural glow and good health of your skin, healthy and balanced diet is the only solution. 

So, include your diet with good amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein:

  • Dairy products
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Seafood
  • Salmon
  • Nuts
  • Soya milk

And alsodon’t forget to drink 3-4 litres of water on daily basis, 4-5 litres is also recommended if you workout on daily basis.

6. The concealer trick

Now, you must be thinking what trick could be done with concealer? But, be patient, I will tell you gradually. Concealer could be used for multiple purposes and works as a multi-tasker. It not only hides all the imperfections of your face but can also be proved very effective in fixing your eye makeup and facial makeup gone wrong. 

For example, if your mascara or eyeliner gets smudged and it can’t be fixed then here’s the simple trick: apply some amount of concealer with an angular makeup brush and no one will notice!

7. Making your eyes bigger

Do you also have smaller eyes or want to make them appear bigger? Then, read it thoroughly. Outline your waterline with white or nude pencil for making it appear bigger. This trick can be really useful for those people who have really small eyes and want appearance of bigger eyes. This trick will also make your eyeshadow highlight and pop out.

8. The 3-D LIP trick

This trick basically gives you an illusion of having 3 dimensional lips. Simply, you just have to pick some eyeshadow which should be the shade lighter to your lipstick. Now press your finger in that eyeshadow and now press it to the centre of your top and bottom lip.

9. Reuse your products

Throwing away your precious makeup products after they are empty could be painful. But, you can also reuse them for another purpose. Don’t throw away your empty mascara bottle when it gets finished instead use it as a brush for setting your brows.

10. The cleansing milk trick

If your eye makeup gets ruined by your eyeliner, mascara, eye lenses, or eyeshadow then simply dip a cotton bud in cleansing milk/cleanser and apply it to the particular area you want to fix. Leave it for some time till it dries. Now reapply your eye makeup.

11. The rubbing alcohol trick

No need to throw away your makeup products when they are cracked or broken, they could be easily fixed with the help of rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol could be of great use when it comes to your cracked eyeshadow, compact, blusher, bronzer, etc.

Here’s the trick : add some rubbing alcohol in it and take a grip of it and hold it, and wait till your alcohol evaporates and then you can use it again!

12. Heating Eyelash Curler

Curling up your eyelashes by the usual method can definitely curl up your eyelashes, but the probability of those lashes staying that way could be quite low. So, here’s the trick:

Heat it up! Not exactly heat it up over a flame. Just give a little heat using your blow dryer over your curler and make sure to check it on your hand to avoid getting your lashes heat up. Now curl your lashes with this warm curler and give your eyelash an idealcurl. This technique will lift up your lashes for a longer duration of time than usual.

13. The trick for lips

Do you want a crisp and bold look too? Here’s the trick. After applying your lipstick, applying concealer to the areas of the outer corners of your lips will give you a sharp and crisp look to your lips and also enhance your beauty.

This technique will also create a boundary for your lipstick to not create a mess by smudging in the outward direction.